Send Secret Conversation Message to Facebook Messenger, it will automatically disappear

On Facebook Messenger you can do secret chatting with any of your friends, through Secret Conversation feature.
Secret Conversation Feature
Conversation Chat

  • There is a feature available on Facebook Messenger through which you can do secret chatting with any of your friends.  The name of this feature is Secret Conversation.  Under this feature, whatever message you send will be deleted automatically.  For this, it will also be necessary to read another person's message.  You will also be able to decide the time in which the message will be deleted.

How to use the Messenger Secret Conversation feature

Step1 - First of all update your Messenger app.  After that open the app and go to your profile.  You will find this option upwards on the left side where your profile pick will be given.

Secret Conversation feature

Step2 - After this, when your profile page is open, you will have to scroll down a bit.  Here you will get the option of Secret Conversation feature.  Tap on it  If this feature is not on, then turn it on from here.

Secret Conversation feature

Step3 -  After this you have to go to the chat window of the person from whom you want to do Secret Conversation.  

  • Then tap on the blue icon at the top right.  Here you have to tap on Go To Secret Conversation.

Secret Conversation feature

Step4 - Now your Secret Conversation will begin. Whichever message you send here, you will also be able to choose the time of deletion.  For this, you have to click on the clock icon in the message box before typing the message.  
From here you will be able to choose the time according to you from 5 seconds to 1 day.

Step5 - As soon as the other person reads your message after sending the message, the message will be automatically deleted after the deadline.

Hide friend list like this

If you also want any user to not see your friend list, then for this you have to go to the profile first.  After this you go to the friend list, there you will see the option to manage after friend request, find friend.  Here you can go to Edit Privacy and set which users can see your friend list.

How to hide your post

If you want to show your post to a select few friends and family members, you will see an option at the bottom of the post.  Here you can make the setting according to yourself whether you want to show the post or whom you do not want to show.

This setting of Facebook spends a lot of internet data. Let's off this Settings. 

If your mobile data is getting lost more rapidly while using Facebook, then know the easy way by which internet data can be saved.

For Android and iOS Users 

  • If you are using Facebook app on Android or iPhone.  So to turn off autoplay video, tap on the option lines at the top right of the main page.  Then go to Settings and Privacy and tap on Facebook Data Saver.  Move the toggon button here and turn it on.  Now there will not be any video autoplay on Facebook and the visible images will also be seen as light weight.  This will save a lot of data.


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