WhatsApp dark mode: How to Enable it

After a protracted time, WhatsApp has brought its Dark Mode options to all or any users of Android and iOS.  In dark mode, whatsapp doesn't hurt the eyes throughout Message or chatting. 
WhatsApp dark mode
WhatsApp has knowing this dark mode feature through its Twitter account and diary post.

This feature was antecedently offered for bita version, currently it's been launched for all users, bit by bit this feature are extended to over two billion WhatsApp users.

The corporate has aforesaid in its diary that this feature has been designed in such some way that even in low lightweight, chatting on WhatsApp won't hassle the attention. the corporate has expressed hope that users can get rest even within the case once the phone is switched on, its lightweight dazzles the eyes. along side this, the sunshine emitted from the screen of the phone from the dark mode conjointly reduces, that conjointly prices loads less battery of the phone.

The Dark Mode theme is out there on each Android and iOS phones on WhatsApp. it's black on the iPhone app and dark brown on Android.

Once applying the WhatsApp Dark theme, it'll seem all told sections of the app like settings, chat windows, etc. this suggests that whatsapp background modified to a dark grey color theme

How to Enable WhatsApp dark mode

  • First of all update your old WhatsApp apk.
  • If you update neglecte this line. 

  • Open WhatsApp app. Them Click to 3 dot line
Click to - Settings> Chats> Theme.

And Finally Select your theme 
Dark - Click to On 
Light - Click to off

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