How to show followers on Facebook profile 2020

You must have seen that many people do not have the option of adfriend in the facebook profile, instead of follow option show, have you ever thought how to show this follow option on your facebook profile?

Facebook photo

Whenever we see the Facbook profile of a persion, its profile looks in a professional way, assuming all the features of facebook are available in their profile, one of these features is the option of Facebook flolowers which is quite famous which our facebook is turned on profile looks attractive.How to show followers on Facebook profile  Send secret messages to your Facebook friends 

How to show followers on Facebook profile

Step 1

  • First of all Go Your Facebook Account and left side Click to 3 dot line 

  • Click to Privacy Settings 
Privacy Settings

  • Click Who can send you Friend Request 
Public post

  • Click Friends of Friends 
Step 2

  • Go to Privacy Settings > and Click to Public Post

  • Select all the option Public 

Then Go to your Facebook profile and Refresh it the Follow options automatically show. 

If after doing all these processes the follow option is not visible

  • Go to your Facebook Profile, left side >Click to Edit Profile 
Follow option

  • Enable Follow options. 

Hope you have activated Facebook follow option from this article.
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